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Operational area

There are a lot of places where "operational area" is mentioned but for me is not clear:

- what that area means

- how do I know if my trip will be inside the area (is that zone marked with red inside app?)

- what will happen if by mistake I go out of that area - does the car stop automatically?

- can I drive out of the area, but not park car outside of operational area?

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It is the zone inside the red lines. You can't park outside the area, and you will be charged at that time until you lock the car.

The terms and conditions state that YOU CAN drive outside the operational area(the red marked one) but no more than 200 km.

Does this mean that I can't stop/park outside this area?


Let's say i have to go to a nearby city that's 50 km away from the operational area.

(From the terms and conditions technically it's ok)


(regarding the parking outside the area)

For example I have to go and buy something from a store, or even leave the car for 10-15 minutes but NOT END the trip?

Would this be ok, if I return and end the trip in the operational area?

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mancava-s gura voastra de engleji ca v-ati uitat limba ... in fine ;  este vreun moderator sau ceva ingrijitor de ponei p-acilea sa raspunda la intrebarile cowboilor astia ?

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